Days 20-23: I Have Never Been This High

Day 20

A recreation attendant’s typical day is teaching archery, facilitating recreational games (and yes, we get to play them too), and running the golf shack. As the recreation intern, I am typically stuck in Sweet Memorial, doing scheduling, working on inventory, and helping out the front desk with phone calls. I hardly get to dabble in the fun stuff except for the occasional archery session. That is, until Saturday. I rolled out of bed with fog in my eyes, and made my way to work. Anyone who wasn’t certified in first aid and CPR had to get certified, and having been a lifeguard for five years, I didn’t have to participate in the activities. That also meant that I had to switch shifts with someone because they were scheduled to work during training. That means I got to do some fun stuff. Finally.

After teaching a family archery session, I ventured over to the baseball field to play whiffle ball. At first nobody showed up. That is, until I spotted a group of girl scout moms soaking up the sun in the administration field. I strolled over to them and invited them to join in on a game. With delight, we played an awesomely fun game. Girl scout moms are wild. After whiffle ball, I facilitated a game of gaga ball. I never knew what this game was until I came to the Y. If you want to know what gaga ball is, click here. This is one of the most savage games I have ever played.

After work, we broke in my new purple hammock. A group of four of us ventured to a quiet area of the campus, and relaxed in our hammocks. It turns out, three people can fit in my hammock!


Day 21

In the mountains, it can take up until August for the snow to melt. When we went on our trip to Bierstadt Lake, there was snow that still covered parts of the trail. It covered it enough that we got lost on our hike, but after using a GPS and backtracking, we ended up making it to Bierstadt Lake. It was surrounded by evergreens and the view of the snowcapped mountains made it seem like a scene right out out of a Narnia movie.

Prior to the hike, I had misplaced my phone, so photo cred goes out to Andrea, my roommate! I did end up finding my phone at Park and Ride because I left it on the Hiker’s Shuttle. Talk about luck!


Day 22

You never truly know how out of shape you are until you hike your first mountain. Or maybe it’s the elevation. We will go with that. We drove into Rocky Mountain National Park at 9AM and climbed to the top of Deer Mountain. The hike was 6 miles round trip with an elevation of 10,013 feet. In the words of Ben Randolph, “I have never been this high before.” The view from the summit was breathtaking with view of Lake Estes and Mary’s Lake and a clear view of Long’s Peak.


We raced down the mountain to try and beat an oncoming storm, but we stopped to put on our rain jackets as the sky opened up to rain. We hopped in the car, and with grumbling stomaches, we ventured over to Fort Collins to grab some lunch. Ben had been raving about a chicken fingers fast food chain based primarily in the south: Raising Canes. Turns out, there was one in Fort Collins. While the chicken fingers were good and so was the sauce, I wasn’t convinced that it “was the best.”

Ryan and Elizabeth Update: Elizabeth has never been on a date before, so Ryan has been asking for help on date ideas that don’t involve a car. The date I suggested was taking her on a hike out to Sprague Lake to have a picnic and watch the sunset. After we got back from Fort Collins, Ryan, Andrea, and I hopped on a shuttle and went out to Sprague Lake to scope out the perfect picnic spot.


Day 23

It was an exciting day for archery. To pin our targets to the hay bales, we were using spoons. We had finally gotten target pins in the mail. On top of that, we got new screw in arrow rests. No more dealing with the stick on arrow rests falling off!

After work, we played mini-golf where Andrea beat all of us and then ran down to town to get some ice cream and hit up the grocery store. Ryan ended buying orange roses for Elizabeth!




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