Days 24-27: A Boring Four Days

Disclaimer: This was a boring week. No Pictures. Sorry Mom.

Day 24

You know when you put a bunch of hard work into something, and then it doesn’t happen? That is what happened with Ryan and Elizabeth’s date that didn’t actually happen.

Day 25

After work on Thursday, I begrudgingly went disc golfing. Begrudgingly because I awkwardly third-wheeled with Ryan and Elizabeth. When we got to the thirteenth hole, that is when everything went downhill. We went down into the valley, and I was confused as to why the course wasn’t a marsh. I figured out soon enough after losing my disc in the invisible marsh, that we were only a few holes from where I destroyed my shoes trying to retrieve my disc.

Day 26

I cleaned the discs for disk golf for most of the day and then….BALLS. We received balls in the mail. Not those kind of balls. Volleyballs, soccer balls, dodge balls, and gaga balls. After labeling them with YMCA, I organized all of them. As the disclaimer says above, it has been a pretty boring week.

After work, we hit up the bars for a few hours. We finally went to the Tiki Bar, a Caribbean style bar and restaurant.

Day 27

When a fellow ginger gives you sunscreen advice, you better follow it. I learned the hard way when I felt the burn behind my knees. The one place I forgot to apply sunscreen.

We also checked out the Rock Inn, a nice sit down and eat restaurant/bar.


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