Days 28-32: Margaritas and Hikes

Day 28

It was my day off, and it was well spent. We started off the day with breakfast. Before I cam out to Colorado, breakfast was typically a nonexistent meal for me. Now that I have to walk everywhere, I make it a habit to eat breakfast every morning whether it’s just oatmeal because the eggs look sketchy (everything in the dining hall looks sketchy). We ended sitting at breakfast for over an hour, past the dining hall closing time.

There is a girl named Anna that I work with. She is the typical pretty, tall blonde. I was suspicious of her when I first started working here because she seemed too nice. After breakfast, my suspicions were starting to diminish.

After breakfast, we went to put up our hammocks where we escaped into another world through our books and let sleep carry us away into nap. Hunger grumbled in our stomachs. We determined that lunch would be another poisonous meal, so we ventured into town to get burgers. If you ever visit Estes Park, and you are desperate for a burger, Baba’s Burgers is the place to be. A tiny fast food restaurant, the burgers are wonderful. If you are feeling really adventurous, try one of their elk or bison burgers.

Day 29

On Monday, I went on my longest hike yet. A grueling 10 mile hike with amazing views from Finch Lake and roaring falls. The first part of our hike was steep and towards the end, snow patches popped up here and there. I learned how to make toe and heel holds in the snow. When we arrived at Finch Lake, we sat and ate lunch with the perfect view of the mountains. I managed to make my way out onto a rock. I was easier getting to it than it was getting off.

After lunch, I used a privy for the first time. It offers very little for privacy with maybe four foot walls and no roof. It was a view from the toilet.

We continued our hike down the fisherman’s trail, a trail that is non maintained by the park. Much of the trail for gone because of the snow and the high water of the roaring creek that flowed in whitewater rapids beside us. Much of the path was covered in snow and there was a lot of fallen timber that forced us to go up and around. I wiped out about five times during this trek, but boy, was it worth it when we got to Calypso Cascades. We were right down by the steepest part of the Cascades that offered truly tremendous views.



Day 30

Back to work, and I got my new Wi-Fi enabled phone! I no longer live in ancient times now that I can finally use Wi-Fi! After work, We went to McDonald’s for shakes.

Day 31

After work, a group of us from Sweet Memorial went into town where we bought food and I searched for SPF 50 sunscreen with zinc oxide. My search proved unsuccessful. We went out to a Mexican restaurant afterwards where we enjoyed nontoxic food.

Day 32

I managed to make it to the pool after work for swim. How bow dah!

After my swim and tennis, we went to town to grab Margarita’s at Ed’s Cantina and Grill. We ended up buying the pitcher to split between us four, and I tried a Sangria.

After margs, we decided to play pool. Our first two attempts at finding either an open table or an open bar were unsuccessful, but our third try ended with three rounds of pool and me discovering that I like APA’s.


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