Days 48-52: Just a casual pond in the sky

Day 48

After counting down the days, today was the day my mom was going to arrive. My mom is my best friend (even though she detests me using word because she is my mom and not my friend), and I had missed her horribly. Even though I spend quite a deal of time away from her during the school year, something about the distance makes it so much harder to be away from my mom.

I began my morning with a hike with Sam. We made the venture over to the Glacer Gorge trail head by shuttle where we were ready to take on Sky Pond. Sky Pond is an 8.4 mile hike that includes a steep snowfield and climbing a waterfall. The first part of the hike was easy with only gradual incline. We stopped at the Loch to eat some snacks before we continued our way up to Sky Pond. To say we were unprepared for the snow field is an understatement. With no poles or microspikes, we inched our way along the slippery path to the waterfall.

From the bottom, the waterfall looked more ominous, but up close, it didn’t seem too bad. I was only worried about slipping on the rocks. It was a easy up and over. After trekking across another snowfield, we came across a lake. At first, we though it was Sky Pond. We sat and ate our sandwiches, but I wasn’t convinced this was our final destination. There was a sign a few miles back that said something about the Lake of Glass, something Sam and I were pretty sure was on our way to Sky Pond. I asked a random person, and my suspicions were confirmed. We packed up our stuff, and continued a short way to Sky Pond. We took a long break to catch our breaths before we headed back down. Climbing down the waterfall was worse than climbing up, the risk of falling so much greater. The snowfield was mostly downhill, which led to me scooting my way down on my butt to the carved out slide in the snow. By the time we slid our way to the bottom, my butt was numb from the cold and my hands were stinging. Word of advice: always bring waterproof pants on hikes. They will keep your butt from going numb.

Some waterfall
The Loch
The Loch
The Loch
The Loch
The Loch
View from the waterfall
Lake of Glass
Lake of Glass
Lake of Glass
Sky Pond
Sky Pond
Sky Pond
Sky Pond
Sky Pond
Sky Pond with Sam
Sky Pond


We made it back to the YMCA in enough time for me to shower off the grossness before my my rolled in on the motorcycle with eight others. I was in the General Store buying something to drink when I saw their bikes (distinguishable because there were no other motorcycles on grounds.) I jumped up and down in excitement (I might have been screaming in excitement too). After getting them checked in, I hopped on one of the bikes and we rode down to The Rock Inn for dinner.

When we got back, Mom and I walked around the YMCA where she got to meet Andrea at her Community Fire and Elizabeth at Sweet Memorial. We went back to the lodge where I decided to stay the night.

Day 49

My mom and the crew left at 6:30AM. After I saw them off, I went and slept in the lodge room for the rest of the morning. I spent the rest of my afternoon in the Admin building where I was fighting off a sore throat that started the day before. I was pretty sure I was running a fever when the chills hit. I spent the rest of the day in bed.

Day 50

I still wasn’t feel to well, but managed to facilitate the recreational games and archery. It was finally laundry day.

Day 51

Fourth of July! We started the day with setting up our float for the wonderful parade Anna had planned for the YMCA. The parade was a success with hardly a flaw.


We spent the rest of the day working, and then we went camping. It was quite the hike up to the campground, but it was worth it. After Anna and I started the fire (mostly Anna), we roasted brats over the fire, cooked mac and cheese, drank some beer and wine, watched the fireworks, and attempted to sing songs around the campfire (I mostly failed).


Day 52

We started the day with packing up our campsite and heading to breakfast. Claire’s is one of the best restaurants I have been to with one of the best waffles I have ever eaten. After breakfast, we went rock climbing at Performance Park. (Note: this is my first time climbing out side on something other than an indoor rock wall with nice grips).


After work, we went and watched Parks and Rec where I zonked out.


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