Days 53-57: A sore throat and a glacier

Day 53

After a long day of work, I managed to make it to the pool where I swam laps with my new swim cap. Prior to going swimming, I wore it in Sweet Memorial, lost “What Are The Odds” and now I have to spend a day wearing it at work. After the hike, I checked out my throat (day 6 of being somewhat sore), and swore I saw white patches. I made Andrea and Ryan check out my throat, and it was determined that I needed to try to get antibiotics from my doctor from an E-Visit.

Day 54

I woke up with the hopes that my antibiotics would be prescribed, but they were not. My doctor wanted me to get tested for strep. Thus began my journey to discovering that for a whole week, I was sick with strep throat. I spent most of the morning in urgent care, and the rest of the day in bed save for the milkshake I got before I went back to my room.

I am awful at being sick, so of course I didn’t really spend the rest of the day in bed. I cleaned and got new sheets. I got hungry later, and Ryan fed me, but of course, being all contagious and such I was sent straight back to my room, much to my dismay.

Day 55

I started my morning with a short hike to Bible Point (yes, less than 24 hours in with strep) and managed to video chat my boyfriend with the perfect view. After 24 hours being on antibiotics passed, I went into work where I hid out in the back office for most of the day and did a community fire.

Day 56

While I have been to Sprague Lake before, that was by shuttle. I decided to do it by foot. Never again. The trail is easy, so trail difficulty wasn’t my issue. It was the lying signs that said that Sprague Lake was only one mile from Glacier Basin Campground. It turned out to be more than that. I was so beyond frustrated, I ended up taking the shuttle back to the Y.

Day 57

At 5:15AM, I woke up to go on one of my most anticipated hikes. I have never been to a glacier before, and today was the day I was going to break that boundary with Isabelle Glacier. I was beyond excited. I made sure to grab a pair of trekking poles because the hike was with Tom, an excellent, yet crazy hikemaster. I didn’t know what the hike had in store, and I made sure to be extra prepared. The hike was challenging, yet fun. We almost didn’t make it to Isabelle Glacier because some hikers didn’t anticipate the difficulty of the hike. After a cranky interaction and some encouragement, we made it. After my last hike with Tom, I was more confident in my snow hiking abilities. The hike was amazing, with incredible views of the Indian Peaks, and the glacier was even more stunning (even though it just looked like a bowl of ice and snow). This has become one of my favorite hikes yet.

Long’s Peak


Long Lake


Isabelle Glacier and I



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