Days 58-62: An Unbelievably Blue Lake

Day 58

Work, work, work, work, work (in the tune of Rihanna’s song “Work”).

Day 59

Again, it was a fun day of work. After all our fun and games were over at work, we went over to Mt. Y (one of the staff housing buildings) where we watched an episode of “The League” and “Brain Games.”

Day 60

After some confusion about pick up locations, Ben, Sam, Liz, and I made our way over to the Glacier Gorge trailhead. It was no surprise when we couldn’t find parking and had to go over to Park and Ride to get to our trailhead. We spent about half of our hike as a full group before we split off into two groups: Ben and I, and Sam and Liz. Liz had never been to Mills Lake before. This is a must hike if it’s your first time here.

Ben and I, on the other hand, decided we wanted to shake things up and headed our separate ways to Lake Haiyaha. If you ever go to Lake Haiyaha, make sure to not stop as soon as you see the water and rocks because that isn’t the real destination. The real destination involves hopping over some rocks for about 100 yards before you are met with the most breathtakingly turquoise colored lake.


After our hike, Sam and I cleaned up and headed into town. We stopped at the Raven Crest Cafe where I tried a Lavender Lemonade. We headed down to a Himalayan shop where we both got similar ponchos, and I got a pair of elephant pants. We strolled down the streets of Estes Park, where we got coffee at Inkwell, checked out a bunch of stores, and had dinner at an amazing Thai restaurant where I tried Thai Sweet Tea for the first time. We ended our night at the Tiki Bar and waited for Nick and Ryan to come pick us up to go bowling. Bowling didn’t turn out well because the alley was closed.

Day 61

After work, Nick took me and Sam into town where we checked out this Noah’s Ark themed stuffed animal store (they had a peacock stuffed animal!).

Day 62

Much of my Sunday was spent at work and getting ready for my big hike the next morning.


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