Day 38-42: How long does it take for two boys to fill a gas tank?

Day 38

If you ever take the Hiker’s Shuttle from the YMCA in Rocky Mountain National Park to Estes Park, always allot an hour and a half to get into Estes Park or else you will be greatly disappointed. Elizabeth and I found ourselves greatly disappointed when we had to wait half an hour for the Moraine Park Shuttle to arrive at Tuxedo Park to then take us to Park and Ride where we narrowly missed the Hiker’s Shuttle into Estes and had to wait another 30 minutes.

Our efforts were not in vain as we met up with my roommate, Andrea and our friend Nick who had brought a car. They met us at Safeway and took us to get some food. For those who don’t know me, I am a vicious creature that is ravenous until you find me a source of food. They all got to witness my hanger as we searched for a place to eat.

Day 39

I was trained four weeks ago on how to do a night walk, so I felt pretty unprepared when I was left alone to do my first night walk. I was paired with a group of doctors who were more interested in seeing animals than they were in learning about rods and cones (they are doctors so they should know this). Needless to say, they had a great time despite my inexperience.

After the night walk: Drinks.

Day 40

After work on Friday, we struggled to find something to do. My friend Nolen had the rest of the day off, so we made a flash decision to head up to Trail Ridge Road yet again. We ran into Ryan on our way to the car and dragged him with us. We went to the same spot I did a few days earlier, but we wondered down to the rock cut where we hung out on the rocks that overlooked a long descent into the tundra. Needless to say, it would hurt ALOT if you slipped.

Ryan is scared of heights in spotty ways. When it comes to sitting on the edge of a cliff, he isn’t for it. When it comes to climbing up a gigantic rock wall on the side of the road, he’s all for it. Turns out, I am the exact opposite. We decided to free climb a rock wall on the other side of the rock cut. Ryan made it up easily. I quit halfway threw when a rock fell at my face, but I didn’t let that deter me and tried again. About three-quarters of the way up, I started having a panic attack because I was stuck. My body was shaking, and I was hyperventilating. Ryan was calm and helped me through the breathing and told me how to get up the rest of the way. The rush I felt once I set foot at the top was unreal (or maybe I was still panicking).


Day 41

Not much happened besides work and McDonald’s. Nick and Ryan got into a pool competition, and now Nick owes Ryan two pizzas.

Day 42

After a failed family fun night that Nick and I tried to put on, we headed over to Anna’s family’s cabin to eat some spinach dip and homemade cookies and hang out with her family. After that, we headed into town again to get food. Unfortunately, most restaurants aren’t open at midnight in Estes. The trip wasn’t a failed trip, though, as Nick needed gas; however, he ran into some problems. His card kept getting denied or almost accepted but denied. It took about 20 minutes and Ryan having to pay for gas to actually get gas.


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